Komiža, island Vis

Know little more about your destination - Komiža on island Vis

If you want to escape from the crowd of the city and need a peaceful and relaxing holiday, Komiža on the island of Vis is then the right place for you. It is situated on one of our farthest islands and its distance is exactly what makes this place so special. Given that until the Croatian independence, tourist arrivals on the island of Vis were banned, only in the mid nineties did the tourism industry in Komiža begin to develop. However, that late development of tourism is not seen as something negative, but rather positive, because in this way the beauty of Komiža and the entire island of Vis has been preserved.

Komiža is a small town with a population of only 1,600 inhabitants during the winter. It is situated on the west side of the island of Vis in the deep bay of Komiža. Above Komiža there is Hum, the highest peak of the island from which you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of our town. Given that the position of Komiža has been prime for fishing, the town was the birthplace of fishing on the east side of the Adriatic. This is why a special type of gajeta, called Gajeta 'Falkuša' was developed precisely in Komiža. The Gajeta 'Falkuša', which you will be able to see during your stay, is an authentic Croatian vessel included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In accordance with the fishing tradition, people of Komiža on December 6th, St. Nicholas' Day (the patron saint of travelers, sailors and fishermen), celebrate the day of the town. On this occasion, in front of St. Nicholas' church a boat is traditionally burnt as a ritual sacrifice.

Apart from being a prime position for fishing, Komiža has a mild Mediterranean climate which will make your stay extremely pleasant. When you come to our town you will forget that rain even exists! Since Komiža is pretty small, it will take you maximum of 20 minutes on foot to get from one side of town to another. There are pebble beaches along the whole coast of the bay of Komiža. You can reach most of these beaches on foot, but a few of them are isolated and can only be reached by boat. These small intimate beaches will make your stay memorable. In the town centre there is a promenade with a number of cafes and restaurants to visit during your evening walk. There are a few taverns which will unquestionably satisfy your appetite.

It is important to mention that, apart from Komiža itself, other villages belong to the town of Komiža: Borovik, Duboka, Podšpilje, Podhumlje, Žena Glava, Oključna, and the islands of Biševo, Palagruža and Sveti Andrija (Svetac), as wll as the volcanic islands of Brusnik and Jabuka. The island of Biševo is most famous for its Blue cave and you should definitely visit it during your stay in Komiža. Apart from that, there is a lovely sandy beach of Porat that will complement your day trip and make it truly special. be first on your list.